Monday, November 19, 2012

26.2 for the last time.

i never got around to documenting my third and final marathon. one day on a whim i decided to sign up for the st. george marathon. it's a lottery and i was only half hoping that i'd get in. i wasn't engaged at this point so i didn't think about not having time to train and such. well i did get in, and then i got engaged, and then i started taking statistics, and then i was overwhelmed. so of course i did the smart thing and dropped out of school for the semester and focused on the important things. obviously. taking summer school to catch up is going to be nice. however, i will say that it was worth it and i got to enjoy the wedding planning along with my too busy running schedule. my marathon was exactly 8 days after my wedding. i am happy to say that i made it the entire way without injury and without sobbing like i did with my other two. generally i go way too fast for my own good and end up with broken down knees and hysterical tears as i hobble through the finish line. it's a terrible sight and i'm easy to point out a mile away. this time i steadied my pace and felt pretty great considering. still i think i'm done with the 26.2 distance and will keep doing 13.1. it's much less time consuming and i don't get sick like i do with higher mileage.

and so i'm hanging up my marathon shoes and my family couldn't be happier. though supportive they are, they really were thrilled when i told them i was done marathoning it. thanks family and sweet husband for always being my cheerleaders.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

our day.

 these are just a few of my favorites from our wedding day. if you'd like to see them all you can go here. i am so grateful for my dream finally coming true and for my blake for making it happen. i love you husband.

Friday, October 26, 2012

with more to come...

i have so many lovely pictures to share. until then, have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

it was the day that will always be perfect.

well i never blog anymore when i really wish that i did. my goal was that once i got married i would be better at writing about our new life together instead of just myself. i'm going to try to be better, not because anyone even really reads this blog, but for me. especially because i really love to write about him. and to start off with our newly married are just a couple pictures from our perfect day. i'm waiting on the others so these are just iphone pics. we had a blast that day. our sealing was in the afternoon and since we had some time before the reception we headed to blue lemon at city creek for lunch. he held my train and we walked the streets of downtown dressed as bride and groom. it was one of my favorite moments of the day to sit with him before the craziness of the night would start. in that moment it all felt perfect. i'm mrs. blake stillman. and nothing could feel more right.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

a very special birthday.

and so it did indeed happen. my blake asked me to be his mrs. on july 3rd and my 25th birthday. it was exactly one year from the day that sweet boy asked for my number. i remember that day like it were yesterday. i was sitting in sacrament meeting alone on the end seat thinking of my newly 24 year old self and how i was sitting in a chapel when i didn't really want to be. when along comes a beauty of a sight with thick shaggy brown hair and asks if he can sit by me. i had seen him a week previous when he spoke in church and already had a brewing crush. after small talk and sacrament meeting of course he asked if he could take me out. and whilst cheering in my head i said yes and he wrote my number down on a piece of paper. that 24th year of my life was the best one i've had yet.

and no i won't go into a long detailed story of our raddest dating year. only that for our first date he took me to real salt lake game where we discovered our mutual love for classic rock and early 90's tunes. our taste in music is more than stellar if i do say so myself. the night ended with him taking me to his place only to show me his talent and house full of musical instruments. walls covered in guitars, violins, and old records. and then he played. his acoustic original he wrote. it is on youtube if you're interested. i'm proud so i can brag, you can see his music video here.
and after that first date we were never to part. you see, i loved this one right. loved him in the deepest way. and it may sound cliche, but soon i just knew he was the forever i'd been waiting for.

and so when the timing was right for us it happened. he planned it like a true romantic. and he is. he knows i love that sappy love stuff. the real tear jerker kind, and it really was. i love my blake. thinking back on where i have been as the 21 year old divorced girl, i now see the way it was to be intended. my pain had a purpose and boy was he worth it. worth every tear and prayer and dream i've ever dreamed. and the thought of eternity with blake sends fireworks off in my brain and just tickles my fancy. his face, his soul, his love for brown haired ponytails, and the way he calls me sisi. it's what my days are made of, and boy am i ready for all the things ahead. september 28 will be the dreamiest of days.

Friday, June 22, 2012

a night of soul.

2-3.jpg image by sierradsmith 1-3.jpg image by sierradsmith

my love and i went to the collective soul concert this last week. i've always been a big fan but i am even more obsessed than before. if anyone has the chance to see them do not pass it up. they are incredible and also nice to look at. i'm ed and dean roland's new number one fan. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

to my mama.

i may be a little late but still wanted to make sure i wrote a few things about my amazing mother. we had a wonderful mothers day spent outside in the warmth. i sure am grateful to the mom's i have in my life. this includes my sister who follows in the footsteps of my own mama and is just beyond incredible. i have such good examples in my life of the kind of mother i want to be someday. here are a few fun facts about my mom.

she hates to cook but is actually pretty good at it.

she can do flips off the diving board.

she has competed in many triathlons.

you will never see more perfect feet than hers.

she loves kid rock and anderson cooper

not a day goes by that we don't talk on the phone.

she is hilarious.

she adores her husband, and he adores her right back.

she has a body most 30 year olds would kill for.

her children, grandbabies, and husband are her everything.

she's always grateful.

she has killer style. i steal many of her clothing items. no, she doesn't like it.

when i was in high school i had friends sing "sierra's mom has got it goin on" , and she does.

the list could go on and on about how beautiful, loving, smart, and amazing my mom is. words can't say how much i love her and how grateful i am everyday that she's my mom forever. i love you mama dear!