Monday, November 19, 2012

26.2 for the last time.

i never got around to documenting my third and final marathon. one day on a whim i decided to sign up for the st. george marathon. it's a lottery and i was only half hoping that i'd get in. i wasn't engaged at this point so i didn't think about not having time to train and such. well i did get in, and then i got engaged, and then i started taking statistics, and then i was overwhelmed. so of course i did the smart thing and dropped out of school for the semester and focused on the important things. obviously. taking summer school to catch up is going to be nice. however, i will say that it was worth it and i got to enjoy the wedding planning along with my too busy running schedule. my marathon was exactly 8 days after my wedding. i am happy to say that i made it the entire way without injury and without sobbing like i did with my other two. generally i go way too fast for my own good and end up with broken down knees and hysterical tears as i hobble through the finish line. it's a terrible sight and i'm easy to point out a mile away. this time i steadied my pace and felt pretty great considering. still i think i'm done with the 26.2 distance and will keep doing 13.1. it's much less time consuming and i don't get sick like i do with higher mileage.

and so i'm hanging up my marathon shoes and my family couldn't be happier. though supportive they are, they really were thrilled when i told them i was done marathoning it. thanks family and sweet husband for always being my cheerleaders.

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